Itineraries Myths & Legends Byway


Hauntings, hidden treasures and hangings are all part of the folktales that have been passed down throughout the region now designated as the Myths & Legends Scenic Byway. Explore a former no man’s land once populated by outlaws and gunslingers. Fish on the Calcasieu River, the waterway that infamous buccaneer Jean Lafitte is known to have traveled. Search for the ghost-protected buried treasure of two Jayhawkers—pro-Union Civil War rebel guerrillas—from the 1800s. These are all parts of a collection of true stories and tall tales that can be experienced along the 181-mile Myths & Legends Byway. The route begins in southwest Louisiana at the Texas state line and travels through land originally settled by the Atakapa and Coushatta tribes, now the parishes of Allen, Beauregard and Vernon. Today, visitors will find pine forests, white sandy beaches, blueberry farms, rodeos and friendly people ready to share their stories.