An Early Home For Early People

Way, way back in 2500-1000 BC, Vernon Parish and was chock full of all sorts o’ characters,’ from the Paleo and Archaic injuns to legendary outlaws like John Murrell. In fact, people been livin’ in these parts for thousands of years before the first o’ them Europeans even came on over to the New World.

A long time after the ancient folks, there was a whole slew of shady characters runnin’ round, like the Yocum gang, who freed slaves and sold ‘em to a new owner or the Parker Brothers who robbed their own customers of their infamous “Twenty-Five Mile House” and sold the stolen goods straight ‘cross the Sabine. Craftsmen like William Black and Henry Tully disguised stolen weapons and goods.

Then there’s the old Reverend Devil himself: John Allen Murrell. That son of a minister (really) would hold services, and while them townsfolk was all gathered, his men robbed their homes and farms. Hell, he’d quote the Ten Commandments while breaking all of ‘em. Thank the lord he finally got captured in 1844.