Crawfish Season

Mmm… Mudbugs! Or as we call ‘em, crawfish, not crayfish – CRAWFISH. Ever been to a crawfish boil? NO?! Don’t you get my back up, now. You’re missing out! Those good ol’ mudbugs are boiled in a big pot with a bunch of spices and different things thrown in. Mix in some Cajun boudin, corn on the cob, and potatoes – maybe some whole heads of garlic if you wanna get crazy. Crawfish boils are a family and sometimes even a whole town event. It brings everyone together for a hog killin’ time (hogs not included, here).

Allen Parish is a blend of different types of peoples and industries. There are a lot of agricultural towns scattered about who manufacture everything from timber, rice, cattle, and crawfish farming; these unique industries support our economy. Crawfish season is usually during the early spring months here in Allen Parish. They grow bigger and fatter when it rains a lot.